Audience-building for SaaS founders

What are you building?

“My previous business was a community, I built a community for quite a long time before deciding how to turn it into a (7-figure) business. And the community was who I sold to.” — Rosie Sherry

What are you building an audience for?

Building an audience for your business

Building an audience for yourself

Building for business, yourself, or both?

Build it in the right place

It’s a forum with millions of regular visitors that’s only focused on knitting, crocheting and all kinds of needlework. It’s not on Twitter, it’s not on Facebook: it’s right there, inside this forum-based community. If you want to build an audience for people who knit, your best bet is to become a part of their community and build your audience in there.

Engage appropriately

The community is a way to learn from my audience, to receive feedback, and to co-create products that answer their needs. — Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Build in public

You don’t need an audience

Don’t blame the audience if you can’t sell

My next steps

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