How we picked one startup idea out of 125.

125 to 17

So where do we start? Well, that old “Ideas” notebook of course.

  1. Ideas that we just didn’t feel like working on. Mostly ideas that we don’t think we have a deep knowledge about or ideas that didn’t feel exciting enough.
  2. Ideas that didn’t have a clear problem statement. A clear targeted segment and problem statement makes gives your business a good start. Otherwise you’re more likely to build a solution in search of a problem.

17 to 9

That took the number of ideas down from 125 to 17! Phew.

9 to 3

To narrow down the list further, we had to dig deeper into these 9 ideas. For this, we went back to some basic online customer research.

3 to 1

By this point, we have 3 ideas we want to work on. But we can only do it one at a time.

Next steps

Will this idea succeed? Who knows. But going through the ideas and evaluating them systematically gave us the confidence to go ahead with it.

  1. Experiment with various distributions channels and see which one gives us the most traction.
  2. Validate our assumption of the customer problem with the messaging in those channels.
  3. Validate the solution with a product demo on our landing page, and measuring conversion.



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