Three things I did when my customer found a bug in my SaaS (fixing the bug was last)

Fix the customer’s confidence

When something breaks, the first thing that happens is doubt being cast in the customer’s mind. Perhaps followed by worry and annoyance, especially if they are relying on our product to get their job done.

Fix the customer’s experience

For some products, a bug can have a real impact on the customer’s day. It could prevent them from doing their work, make them look bad or cause revenue loss.

Fix the bug

Once we’ve fixed the experience as best as we can, we can then go ahead and fix the bug. We’re not going to go into the details of technical bug fixing here, but usually this involves:

  • Getting a bug report from the customer.
  • Reproducing the bug locally.
  • Fixing it.
  • Testing it.
  • And finally, releasing it.


I’ll illustrate with an actual bug from my product,, a Twitter bookmarker and organiser.

Make the customer happy

At the end of the day, our goal is to make the customer happy. As an indie maker, we’re at an advantage to provide a highly personal service. Let’s take advantage of this.



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